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Falcon Auto Sports LLC

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Murray, UT 84123

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About Falcon Auto Sports LLC

About Us

Falcon Auto Sports LLC was established in December, 2014. It is owned and managed by two brothers, Alex Sokolov and Andrej Sokolov.

Prior to opening this business Alex was in a financial institution industry for over 14 years. He has great knowledge in auto lending sector and business management.  Andrej has extensive experience, over 10 years, in auto industry and business administration. Combining their skill sets into one entity makes this company that much stronger.

Both brothers have big passion for cars!  It was only a matter of time for Falcon Auto Sports LLC to be born.

Branded Title

We are a small Pre-Owned Auto Dealership which specializes in vehicles with Branded Titles. Having to personally experience the huge savings associated with Branded Title cars and trucks we wanted to share it with others by becoming specialists in this industry. Not only will you be able to save thousands of dollars, you will also get a newer car with less miles. Your dream car is much closer than you think of becoming a reality!

What is a Branded Title?
A vehicle with a Branded Title indicates it was sold by an insurance company through an insurance auction due to: vandalism, hail damage, theft recovery, collision, water recovery, etc. In order for a branded vehicle to be eligible for resale it must be restored to a driving state and pass Safety and Emission inspections.

We have a license which allows us to purchase these type of vehicles from insurance auctions. All of our inventory bought is hand-picked by us. We are very selective and deal with vehicles that have minimal damage.

Our cars are repaired by certified auto body shops located throughout Salt Lake Valley. We’ve established strong relationships with these body shops to ensure quality work is done.

Extended Warranty Available

Falcon Auto Sports LLC has partnered with Elite Warranty, Inc for extended warranty services. It’s an additional product available to our customers providing them with a greater vehicle assurance. The coverages offered:

  • Ranges from 3 Months up to 60 Months
  • Covers up to additional 100,000 miles
  • Starts the day you purchase your car
  • Affordable prices

For more information please visit www.elitewarrantyinc.com or call us directly.